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    Product LWH(cm) :
    35 × 12 × 31
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    50 × 36 × 64
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  • Rosh finished the minimum quantitative (PCS) : 2000
    Change the guest edition packaging material minimum order quantity (PCS) : 1000
    Function description: the product is suitable for 14 years of age a two channel infrared proportion remote control aircraft toys. Remote control distance was
    10 meters, the plane full of electrical endurance 7 minutes or when. The plane using a 3.7 V / 90 mah lithium battery power supply. By a 6 * 14 hollow glass motor drive the propeller powered flight, the direction by an electromagnetic steering gear control, plane total weight or less 14 g. Remote control
    Apparatus on the left is the gas files, control aircraft power size achieve lift, top left corner is a key flight key, press a into a key flight
    Mode, need to control throttle file can control aircraft wheel. On the right is the direction gear, can control the plane flying to turn left.
    The bottom right hand corner is the direction of inching switch, adjustable electromagnetic rudder initial state direction. Among the remote control is A, B, C gear switch, can
    At the same time to realize three table aircraft operation not to influence each other. On the remote control own li-ion battery charging circuit and charging line, the plane can be in remote control
    The charging, red LED is working lamp, green LED for charging indicator light at the same time and IC emission status indicator lamp.
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