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An Intelligent Robot for fingerprint Touch of Transformers

  • An Intelligent Robot for fingerprint Touch of Transformers
  • Item No. :
    Package :
    Product LWH(cm) :
    29 × 23 × 19
    OuterBox LWH(cm) :
    77.5 × 37 × 87
    Dimension M3 :
    GW/NW(kg) :
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  • Packaging Specifications: 33.2 * 18.5 * 39.3cm
    Remote control specifications: 16.5 * 5.5 * 3.8cm
    Product Description: Ultra-new generation of fingerprint touch smart deformation robot, infrared, remote control operation
    Product Materials: Green plastic hardware and electronic components
    Product weight (bare metal): robot 746 + remote control 54.5 = 800.5g
    Product packaging weight: single 1.48kg
    Remote control battery and number: AAA7 battery / 2
    Product full-featured:
    1 Walk forward, walk back, turn left, turn right, taxi, glide back, left and right follow Walk forward and backward Swing back and forth, stop: stop all functions, volume +/- adjust big / whisper, deformation, fingerprint recognition deformation, robot language , Patrol, song, programming, presentation mode, no automatic alarm function
    Use time: a full battery can be used for about one and a half hours
    Charging time: Charging time 4 hours Remote control mode: manual button + touch recognition operation
    Remote control distance (m): 8 / m or so Number of drive motors: 3
    Battery Details: 3.7V lithium battery, 600mAh
    Features: This product is intelligent fingerprint deformation robot, both human action and simulation language, fingerprint recognition robot deformation, deformation robot and mech defense, passionate mechanical rhythmic dance, the firing of guns both the simulation of the sense of vibration
    Configuration: remote control, screwdriver 1. USB charging wire 1, instructions
    Automatic code operation: remote control installed battery, then push behind the power switch, enter the state.
    1: Coasting forward: After the "coasting" signal is received, the robot skids forward and collocates with sound effects.
    2: glide back After receiving the "glide back" signal, the robot skidding backwards, at the same time with sound effects. :
    3: Received: turn left "signal, the robot left, at the same time with sound effects
    ?4: Turn right. After receiving the "RIGHT" signal, the robot turns righ
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